Cold saponification workshops in Saint-Gilles

Cold saponification workshops in Saint-Gilles

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Workshops are given in French

Why create your own soaps ?

First of all, creating your own soap means choosing the ingredients composing it.

Besides the great quality of your soaps, you will also be totally controlling what’s in them: bye to chemical products with unpronounceable names and hello to completely natural and sunny oils. Also, you will enjoy the fun side of doing your own soap choosing colors, shapes and 100% natural perfumes. Finally, the financial aspect can be beneficial too because you won’t be buying any other hygiene products and you will be able to make your household soaps for the washing machine but also to do the dishes or wipe the floors.

What knowledge will I be able to pass on to you in order to begin our new adventure ?

I will start by sharing simplified notions about saponification and also basic precautions to take while making the soaps. We will then prepare caustic soda solution (soda lye), control the temperature, visualize the “trace”, add essential oils and pour everything into a mold.

You will go back home with a leaflet that includes 5 soap formulas and their modus operandi as well as a small silicone mold containing your handmade soap. I will help you through the beginning of your journey until you feel safe. I will gladly answer all of your questions and after that…try for yourself !

The workshop takes place at l’Espace, next to l’Herboristerie de Louise. Avenue Paul Dejaer 13-15, 1060 (Saint-Gilles) Brussels. It lasts on average two hours from 18:30 to 20:30 and costs 50 €/person.

If you wish to offer the workshop as a gift, I can send you a personalized gift card by email. If you need an invoice, please let me know.

I also enjoy doing workshops over to your houses (minimum 6 persons). If you are interested, please contact me by email at

It is possible to cancel with reimbursement or change the date of the workshop at least 7 days prior to the workshops. The booking confirmation is not sent by post.

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